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What We Do

Business Strategy & IT Consulting
Helping small businesses in the areas of business strategy, operations and IT is at the heart of what we do. Our main focus areas include:

Family Services

Digital Business Solutions
Cloud Business Software
Apart from business consulting, we also develop and host cloud based business software solutions to help our clients streamline their business operations. In addition to helping clients uncover new sale opportunities, manage customer relations and more.
Journey ahead to uncover how we're helping our clients better leverage their data to improve the performance of their business.
Digital Marketing
In today's market not having a digital presence can impact the first impression customers have on a business. That's why we've extended our expertise in the digital world to help small businesses build fully custom, professional and affordable websites that deliver a unique and engaging experience.
Learn more about the ways we're partnering with small businesses to improve their digital marketing activities and generate new leads.

Giving Back

Women Economic Empowerment Programme
Launched in 2018, the Women Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP) is a platform that delivers business support services through programme tracks that are designed to help women entrepreneurs expand their business to new frontiers!


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Feb. 10, 2022
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