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WEEP Members - New Details

Sammy B. Khayat
8 Minutes
Introduction and Background
The Women Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP) came into existence because of the limited effort made by governments to implement the right reforms and policies to advance the socioeconomic agenda. In effect eroding many of the important systems society relies on like education and health care to name a few. The business environment has also been hampered by government inaction, which can be extremely taxing for small businesses to address due to resource constraints. For women-owned small businesses, the impact can be even more severe because many are under capitalized. Not to mention the combined load and stress from women's dual role and unpaid care work, which place more pressure on firm-level performance.
For those reasons and more, WEEP was launched on September 19th, 2018 to complement government efforts in advancing women's socioeconomic status. In addition to promoting women's equality based on the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and helping to drive forward the gender equality goal (i.e., Goal 5) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).
Since inception, WEEP has and will continue to support women-owned small businesses both locally as well as globally in developing and expanding their business to new frontiers. By making available the necessary resources, tools as well as different forms of business assistance to support their entrepreneurial aspirations. In support thereof, WEEP Members will be launched to ensure what is offered through our programme is easily accessible to women-owned businesses from across the globe. Furthermore, as the programme and business environment evolve so to will WEEP Members in order to ensure the offerings of our programme are aligned to the present day needs of women entrepreneurs.
In the remaining sections below, further details about WEEP Members will be presented including a brief account of what can be done through the platform. In addition to the cost of membership, eligibility requirements and reasons for why certain Programme Tracks and business solutions extended through WEEP Members by our company and related divisions carry a fee. In the final section, details for women entrepreneurs interested in helping us pilot test WEEP Members during the soft launch will also be provided. Thus, following a brief account of how and why WEEP came to be, the section below begins with a general overview about WEEP Members.
Members Area
WEEP Members is an online platform designed to support the vision of our programme; to enable and drive the business expansion efforts of women entrepreneurs. On the day of official launch, WEEP Members will consist of a basic set of features designed around supporting the major activities of the programme. That include the three Programme Tracks that provide different forms of business assistance to women-owned businesses. From free business consultation sessions to on-site visits to assess and provide recommendations on where improvements can be made within the business operation.
In addition, WEEP Members will also support the business solutions extended by our company and related divisions. Starting with Essentials, an affordable and fully custom website solution extended by our website solutions division to support women-owned businesses operating on a budget.
Following the official launch of WEEP Members, the focus will shift to introducing features that support the development of an online business community. Including the addition of tools considered necessary to help women-owned businesses in various stages of development. Though most of the tools will be in support of women entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding their business.
Below is a list summarizing just a few of all the important actions members can perform through WEEP Members on the day of official launch.
  • Register for workshops and seminars
  • Register to participate in Programme Tracks
  • Participate in virtual workshops and seminars
  • Provide feedback in polls and surveys
  • Apply to business solutions
Though the list above may change between now and when WEEP Members officially launches, the important note is that WEEP Members will not stand still. As many planned for features will be rolled out in phases and new features are currently in the early planning stage! Thus, given a more detailed look into what WEEP Members is, the next section provides answers in regards to the cost of becoming a member and why certain Programme Tracks and business solutions carry a fee.
Membership and Fees
There are no membership fees for joining WEEP Members as the members area is open for all to join, assuming all the eligibility requirements mentioned further below are met.
However we'd like to point out that there maybe fees for certain Programme Tracks and business solutions that are extended through WEEP Members by our company and related divisions. The reason as to why fees are charged is because of the high cost absorbed from the activities, resources and time involved in supporting a specific Programme Track or business solution. However, when fees are charged they will be below the average market price for similar or like services in order to ensure accessibility is not an issue for members. As an example, the previously mentioned custom website solution Essentials is offered at a below market price when compared to similar solutions, which will be discounted further through WEEP Members.
On a related note, at the end of each year a proportion of the total fees collected will be reinvested to support WEEP Members and the vision of WEEP. Though as of writing the exact percentage has not been set in stone. Prior to the end of the year another article will be published that will identify the percentage and how the proceeds will be utilized. With a quick account regarding the cost of membership and other fees that maybe charged for certain Programme Tracks and business solutions. The section below summarizes the eligibility requirements for joining WEEP Members.
Eligible Member
For women entrepreneurs interested in joining WEEP Members, all the requirements listed below will need to be fulfilled in order to become a member.
  • The business must be 51% owned by a women entrepreneur
  • The women entrepreneur must be actively involved in managing the day-to-day operations of the business
  • The business must be an on-going concern; sales and promotional activities present
We'd also like to stress that prior to the official launch, the eligibility requirements presented above maybe expanded. In addition, important information on how interested women entrepreneurs can help us pilot test WEEP Members during the soft launch is presented in the last section of this article.
Pilot Testers
If your a women entrepreneur and interested in helping us pilot test WEEP Members prior to official launch, we'd be most appreciative. To that end we'll be releasing an online form at the beginning of March where those who are interested can register to become a pilot tester. We also plan to extend a special offer to those who participate and provide us with feedback during the testing period. As a token of our appreciation to those who've extended their time from their busy schedule to participate in our pilot test. Details regarding pilot testing and the special offer will be shared in a separate article on our blog. Given a general overview on the pilot testing of WEEP Members, we'd like to conclude with a quick summary on the major points covered in this article.
With a look into one of the major reasons for the establishment of WEEP, including details about the upcoming launch of WEEP Members. Covering topics such as the cost of membership, eligibility requirements, what can be performed on, and how the online platform will evolve following the official launch. Including general information for women entrepreneurs interested in helping us pilot test WEEP Members. Our programme, since first announced, has become an extremely important endeavor that our company has embarked on and will continue to support through and through. As embracing gender equality and supporting women in leadership roles ensures the full benefits associated with economic growth are captured and enjoyed by all.
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