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Time Line


2018 is a landmark year because the launch of our Women Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP) represents our first strategic move into philanthropy.

To emphasize the importance of this forthcoming development, the color pink has been injected into all of our social media accounts and our Time Line web page for all 2018 developments.

FEB 20
TMB Programme - New Home
Transform My Business (TMB) Programme moves to a new home on our company website and is redesigned with a fresh new look and feel.
SIID ("The Project") - Rebirth
Born in August of 2016, the Center of Strategic Initiatives & International Development (SIID) Division, temporarily referred to as "The Project", will be relaunched later this year.
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JUL 23
Client Portal now CWS
Since the launch of our Client Portal in 2015, the major overhaul made to the system in February of 2017, and in consideration of recent and forthcoming developments. Our Client Portal, as of July 23rd, 2017, is now the Collaborative Workspace System, CWS for short.
Business Research Inquiry Service
Following a few months in incubation this year, we are now pleased to announce the launch of the business research service Bazamiyat Endeavor.
DBLE Division
Our 2015 Online Services Division becomes the Digital Business and Learning Ecosystems (DBLE) Division.
FEB 16
Client Portal - Website Soft Launch
Website Soft Launch feature service, released with and accessible through our Client Portal (version 2.0), provides our clients with access to a clickable prototype version of their website prior to final launch.
FEB 16
Released - Client Portal version 2.0
Client Portal version 2.0 is released! A web-based system designed and developed in-house, now with a new redesigned user interface, new system features, including the introduction of our Website Soft Launch feature service, and other improvements regarding online collaboration, document sharing, and more.
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Founder's Desk
Founder's Desk debut - where personal entries from our founder concerning select company developments are accessible for all to view and provide feedback to.
Women Economic Empowerment Programme
The Women Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP) is announced as the first international, socio-economic endeavor undertaken by our company.
AUG 12
Transform My Business Programme
Transform My Business (TMB) Programme is launched and becomes our first digital business assistance programme designed to help micro and small businesses, including non-profits operating on a tight budget fulfill their digital agenda by offering more affordable digital solutions and services. With our business strategy and operations consulting services to complement.
AUG 12
SIID, Company Division
The Center of Strategic Initiatives & International Development (SIID) Division is established.
Online Business Software - Alpha Testing
The Alpha Test period officially started today for the business software service Bazamiyat Naviyat.

An affordable enterprise software solution that enables small and micro business owners to manage their entire business. Like customer and supplier relations, invoicing, inventory, accounting, and more. Available online with secure access from anywhere in the world.

Legal Form Change
Corporate charter filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State takes effect.
JAN 21
Publishing Division - Rebranding
All electronic publications are now sold through a new brand name.
Referral Rewards Program Policy
Referral Rewards Program Policy is published.
Referral Rewards Program
Referral Rewards Program is launched.
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Web Design Service Policy
Website Services Policy is published.
NOV 13
Website Packages and Maintenance Plans
Website Packages and Website Maintenance Plans are introduced.
Digital Market Services - First Advertised
Digital Market Services related to web applications, web design, and web development are first advertised.
APR 23
Online Services Division
Online Services Division is established.
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Publishing Division Website
The website of our Publishing Division is launched.
Publishing Division
Publishing Division is established to market the case studies written by our founder.
Legal Consultation
Legal consultation announced as a complement to our business advisory services.
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Research and Development has been in our DNA from the very beginning and in relation to those efforts a few important projects have come to fruition. The most noteworthy in recent years include: our Collaborative Workspace System (previously the Client Portal) released in 2015; the Transform My Business (TMB) Programme launched in 2016; and the establishment of our Center of Strategic Initiatives and International Development (SIID) Division in 2016. In addition to the most highly anticipated project to be launched in 2018, our Women Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP).
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DEC 31
Our founder, Sammy B. Khayat establishes what is later to become a diversified company offering business strategy and operations consulting services as well as digital business solutions and services designed for the budget of micro and small businesses.
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